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Tea ~ Brew.ti.ful

Tea ~ Brew.ti.ful

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Brew.ti.ful Tea ~ 

  • Vitamin C Rich\ Supports Immunity \ Anti - Inflammatory \ Reduces Oxidative Damage \Healthy Cholesterol Management \Supports Liver Function

Deep ruby red in colour and tangy in flavour, she looks as delightful as she tastes.

A digestive tonic, Brew.ti.ful is here to pamper you from the inside out - balancing your blood sugars and supporting a healthy metabolism. Anti-inflammatory properties support liver function and heart health.

Brew yourself an internal day spa with this rejuvenating blend and it’s beautiful attributes.  Invite your friends for a pamper session - you’ll be sure to impress with the Australian whole hibiscus flowers! 

Taste: Tangy and refreshing, with a fruity aroma and flavour.

All Natural Ingredients: Wild Whole Hibiscus Flower

Take NoteHibiscus Tea can affect estrogen levels. It also can lower blood pressure.

Facts: Hibiscus retains its flavour better when in whole flower form. 

Origin: Australia 

50g Loose Tea | Caffeine Free 

10g Mini Pack | Perfect for tasting or as a gift 

Shake me up before you use to get an even amount of lavender and ginger 


80°C  | 1 tsp per 250mls

Infuse 8-12 minutes | Enjoy 1 -2 refills

Make ice cubes out of the tea and add to a Gin & Tonic with a twist of lime for a Magical colour changing cocktail. 

Combine with our Brew.ti.ful (hibiscus flower tea) for a deep red drink. 

Consult your physician before use if you are pregnant, lactating, have a medical condition or are taking any medication.